Announcement: Final program is now available

Final Announcement and Call For Participation

The organizing committee extends a cordial invitation to you to join us in Istanbul on June 22-24, 2016 for Joint IFAC Meeting 6th Symposium on System Structure and Control (SSSC2016) and 13th Workshop on Time Delay Systems (TDS2016). The origins of the IFAC Symposium on System, Structure and Control goes back to the IFAC workshops held in Prague, Czech Republic in 1989 and the 5th was held in Grenoble, France jointly with TDS and FDA. The interest of the scientific community in the control of delay systems, and its applications was conveyed through a series of the workshops on Linear Time Delay Systems since July 1998 (Grenoble, France). This 13th workshop carries the same tradition and will be held jointly with SSSC in Istanbul June 22-24, 2016.


Venue and Accommodation
Istanbul is one of the most attractive cities of the world as a unique city established on two continents, which are separated by a narrow strait Bosphorus. It has been the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires for nearly 1600 years, from 330 to 1923. It is easily accessible by its two international airports (IST and SAW) with direct flights from more than 100 countries. The meetings will be held at Istanbul Technical University There are plenty of choices for accommodation, ranging from budget hotels to five star hotels.
The joint conference will be held in three parallel sessions and the tracks are intended to be as follows:
Track A: Control Theory Linear systems, Structural properties, Linear multivariable systems, Disturbance rejection, Decoupling problems, Regulation, Model following control, Time-invariant systems, Time-varying systems, N-dimensional systems, Observers for linear systems, Diagnosis, LPV systems, Uncertain systems, Nonlinear systems, Robust control and analysis, Input constraint systems, Infinite-dimensional systems, Complex systems, Positive systems, Descriptor systems, Output feedback control, Model reduction.
Track B: Control Applications Automotive systems, Aerospace, Biological systems, Chemical processes, Energy and nuclear systems, Mechanical systems, Mechatronics, Network controlled systems, Numerical issues in control, Power systems, Process control, Robotics, Transportation systems, Vibration and control, Other applications, Control of MIMO systems, Model tracking, Design of observers, Diagnosis and fault tolerant control, Control of LPV systems, Control of nonlinear systems, Robustness issues, Saturated input control, Infinite-dimensional and complex systems.
Track C: Time-Delay Systems Modelling and identification, Stability and stabilization, Robustness issues, Filtering and observation, Diagnosis, Control design, Output feedback control, Non-linear time-delay systems, Distributed parameter systems, Infinite dimensional systems, Numerical methods, Algebraic methods, Sampled-data control, Hybrid systems, Applications with time-delay systems.